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The Dutch Team

Frans Coenen

We support you.

Laura Franco Garcia

I am curious about researching interventions to promote the development of entrepreneurial skills among disadvantaged groups, i.e. at the bottom of the economic pyramid, refugees, etc.

Geke Oosterhof

ENTER is the perfect platform to bring people, skills, and social needs together. Entrepreneurship by new creatives means new looks at our world, more understanding, and more knowledge.

Ann Cassano

ENTER has given us the opportunity to work with transnational partners, and test user-centered approaches where refugees will finally get rid of this label and be seen as bringing valuable and innovative expertise to their new country.

Abdullah Al Ahmed

I joined ENTER because I am going through the same obstacles that the program aims to tackle. It represents for me a learning experience and gives me the chance to be part of the difference-making process.

Hazel Oosterhof

For me, the added value is the potential for entrepreneurship to be a vehicle for experiencing belonging and addressing the ways in which existing structures could adapt to celebrate the richness of skills of our aspiring entrepreneurs.

Tuğçe Erdoğu

I believe that creating hubs for refugees’ entrepreneurial activities in Europe with transnational cooperation will help to create new opportunities against precocity, which is why I joined ENTER.

Maria Linkogle

What motivated me most to work on ENTER is the idea of creating a hub that will not only support these aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to start a business but will also facilitate conversations between all facets of the ecosystem.

The German Team

Alexandra David

The kind of freedom and creative expression entrepreneurship includes, is what I wish for each person, who takes the decision to stand-up and start a business. This is what ENTER is about if people decide to participate.

Judith Terstriep

Giving voice to refugee restarts means enhancing the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. That's what ENTER is about.

Laura-Fee Wloka

ENTER creates win-win situations for newcomer entrepreneurs and regional economies. It combines knowledge and experience from researchers and partners in the practice.

Fatma Karacakurtoğlu

I noticed the importance of ENTER in giving recognized refugees the chance to have the professional and financial sustainability needed for a decent life. 

Silke Steinberg

The co-creative development of support structures for new, sustainable economies, responsible entrepreneurship, and diverse modern societies, is my motivation.

Romina Groß

My motivation is to raise awareness of the different support services for opportunity-oriented entrepreneurship and to make existing tools permanently accessible.

Jamil Alyou

Access to information is a right of all refugees, and investing in refugee expertise is a benefit to every society.
I would like to deepen and enable these two aspects within the framework of this project

Ciara Reilly

Enter to Transform enables refugees to establish independence through entrepreneurship while benefitting the local community and economy, a goal I wish to further by participation in this project.

The Irish Team

Juanita Blue

I am delighted to be a part of "Enter to Transform" as it supports key aspects of cohesion policy within Europe by promoting self-employment and encouraging acquisition of new skills, resulting in social inclusion and the economic & social integration of migrants and vulnerable populations.

Suz Gerrard

As a RDI Program Support Officer, I am thrilled to join ENTER because I am committed to realizing a more accessible, inclusive, innovative, and diverse society for all.

Brian Ogilvie

The French Team

Kelly Robin

ENTER is a great opportunity for us to highlight our expertise on entrepreneurship in other NWE countries and to strengthen our approach to inclusive entrepreneurship.

Hélène Guidot

I joined the project to help RR explore their full potential through specialized and innovative training, coaching and mentoring techniques rolled out in the Hubs.

Clémence Junot

ENTER is an amazing opportunity to create an inclusive environment for recognized refugees integration in North West Europe. 

Sophie Vannier

Participating in ENTER alongside PULSE is an opportunity to take part in the spread of actions to support refugee entrepreneurs throughout France.

Elsa Walver

This project is a great way for PULSE to develop tools and methodologies tailored to the specific needs of refugees and to make entrepreneurship accessible to those who are far from it, in France and beyond.

Aline Zalay

I joined the project to make recognized refugees restarters entrepreneurial potential visible to a wider range of public, private, and civil society stakeholders in NWE.

Phillipe Fintoni

I joined this program because I am convinced that starting a business is a source of personal development and easier integration in the host country.